JANUARY 2017 -

From the Rakett Archive #8

Stamp-Inn Kino på Sørfinnset skole/the nord land, 2007

Stamp-Inn Kino
at Sørfinnset Skole/the nord land, Gildeskål, Norway, 2007

After many requests and invitations from eager movie-fans in the small village of Sørfinnset in Northern Norway, Rakett decided to make a follow-up to the outdoor cinema Kjør-inn Kino. This time we initiated the Stamp-Inn Kino (a ‘Bathtub-Inn Cinema’). In front of the film screen we placed an wooden bathtub for outdoor use, filled it with water and heated the bath with a wooden stove. Outside the schoolbuilding where the project Sørfinnset Skole/the nord land was located, we also mounted two Lavvo’s and the ‘Hikki’ – a tent sauna made by the artist Per Enoksson. From these different viewing points the public was invited to enjoy a program consisting of artist videos and feature films. The sound was transmitted and live broadcasted on local FM 103 Mhz, all operated by Rakett, who were giving introductions and playing music inbetween the screenings from the film booth.