November 2008 - ISCP, New York

Poll of Push and Pull (initiated by Kristine Siegel, Esther Lu and Rakett)

women pulling_version one_bigger

The Poll of Push and Pull is a temporary archive curated by Esther Lu, Rakett and Kristine Siegel for ISCP Open Studios.

From the open call invitation:

Have you recently had to negotiate between opinions? Show us!

At the core of democracy lies the ability to negotiate ideas and opinions. Compromises between different interests and respect for minorities are required for a well-functioning democracy.

For this open call, we invite you to submit a postcard in response to an incident that made you rethink your views on public or personal issues, a recent negotiation of opinion. You are welcome to express yourself in images, text and other ways. Your postcard will be displayed, rearranged and reviewed by audiences and invited guests at Open Studios at ISCP, November 7 – 10, 2008. It will not be returned, but will serve as a temporary collection to be dismantled after its display. The postcard, size 5 x 7″ (12.7 x 17.78 cm), must be mailed to the address below, deadline November 1.

This archive gives audiences the chance to investigate the premises of democracy and agents for change through personal, artistic choices. The Poll of Push and Pull is a collection of contemporary doubt, interpretation and change of hearts. Complex times call for complex measures, not slogans.