September 2010 - Participant Inc, New York City

Assume The Mistake And Go To The End

Rakett was invited to contribute to the online exhibition 7 x 7, initiated by the curatorial project Why + Wherefore.

Assume the mistake and go to the end consisted of a collection of ten short videos found online and was also on view at Participant Inc, as part of the Collective Show NYC 2010.

Why + Wherefore was an online curatorial platform run by three independent curators from New York – Lumi Tan, Summer Guthery and Nicholas Weist. They worked with individual artists, other websites and curators to produce on and offline shows.

Assume the mistake and go to the end curated by Rakett

Il était une fois, Albert Barillé, 1978, 1:29 min

Love is Evil, Slavoj Zizek, 1:41 min

Birds of Paradise mating dance, from episode 1: Pole to Pole, BBC Planet Earth. 2:47 min

Barbapappa goes to Africa, 4:34 min

The Trajectory of the Subaltern in My Work, Gayatri Spivak, 2004, 1hr 28min

Poeme-Electronique, Edgard Varese and Le Corbusier, 1958, 8:26 min

A revolt that never ends, Antonio Negri, 2007, 52:35 min

Hell Unltd, Norman Mclaren, 1936, 9:49 min + 9:49 min

Report From L.A, David Byrne, From the Kitchen Presents Two Moon July, 1986, 4:31 min

Everyone is Jesus by Thomas Di Leva. 3:33 min

Apotheosis by Yoko Ono og John Lennon